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Commercial and Industrial Roof Maintenance

We are proud to be the UK representatives for  Southwestern Petroleum Corporation
Manufacturers of the worlds finest building maintenance products since 1933 in Fort Worth Texas



Southwestern Petroleum Corporation



It has been 4 years since the Great Depression began in August 1929. Four years, since the United States economy went into one of the worst economic downturns in history.

 The Wall Street Crash and a global downturn began a decade of poverty, high unemployment, deflation, low profits and lost opportunities for economic growth.















It was during these darkest hours of American History when a group of six employees in a single room office began the
Southwestern Petroleum Corporation.


The had a simple philosophy . . .
"manufacture and sell the highest quality products money, skill, experience and effort can produce".


The manufacturing started on a small scale outdoors with a high quality roof coating which we know to this day as "SWEPCO Heavy Duty Roof Coating".

Within months, demand for Southwestern Petroleum Corporations  products had multiplied and by the mid 50's they were the market leaders in their field, with a fully operational manufacturing plant and state of the art research facilities.







































In 1963, The brand name "SWEPCO" was born, and at the same time they had started global expansion with offices and manufacturing facilities in Antwerp, Belgium and later in Ontario, Canada (under the Southwestern Petroleum Corporation banner).

With this expansion came representation.
SWEPCO is represented in nearly 100 countries around the world by a team of highly motivated, skilled individuals who are inspired by a Great company with Great values.

Southwestern Petroleum Corporation Company Headquarters
Fort Worth - Texas